About us


BAPEKS is a small independent private company, founded 1989 in Riga, Latvia, middle part of Baltic region.

The Company is located at the Nordic Industrial Park in Olaine, a home to several chemical and pharma companies.

BAPEKS specializes in the development and custom synthesis of selected amino acid derivatives, protected building blocks and spacers. The core structures of protected compounds contain amino, carboxyl, hydroxyl, azide and some other functional groups. More than 15 different protecting groups are routinely used for selective functional group protection.

Our product portfolio contains over 500 compounds. All of these high quality fine chemicals for research purposes are produced by BAPEKS on a preparative laboratory scale.

Chemical laboratory facilities (520 m2) are equipped  for preparative organic synthesis in up to 20 L glass reactors and 20 L rotavapors. In case the capacities are too small for a customer, BAPEKS applies know-how transfer to a partner CMO.

Please find more information in our website's Product page that is organized according to selected product groups. To find other product groups or separate product please use search by key word, or product name/part of name, or CAS number. 

Every year 20-30 new products are added to our portfolio.

BAPEKS products in small amounts are distributed by several catalogue companies. 

Please ask more detailed information about BAPEKS regular products, address your special inquiries to udo.kalejs@bapeks.com